Diploma in Fridge and Air condition repairing

Fundamental of refrigeration, Vapor compression refrigeration

types of refrigerant, refrigerator faults & remedies

types of air conditioner

Installation of AC systems

Health and safety requirements, Regulations affecting installation

Site requirements, Pipe work and duct sizing and design-

for refrigeration and chilled water, Pipe installation

Methods of jointing and fitting including brazing pipe work

Practical installation and system testing

System commissioning

Controls, Commissioning a refrigeration-based system

Commissioning a water-based system

Measuring and balancing air flows in ducts and free-flow units

Refrigeration and chilled water systems

Measuring and balancing water systems, Correct system operation


Understanding of controls operation, General fault-finding on-

refrigeration based systems including cause and effect,

Correct recording of information

Design Principles

Health and safety as it affects the designer

Environmental considerations and regulations, including climate-

change issues, Building regulations, Site survey requirements

Load calculations for cooling and heating, heat gains and losses

Design considerations and aspects of system selection

Pipe work design for refrigeration and water systems

Chilled water systems, Ductwork systems and design requirements

Sound and vibration considerations, Electrics, Controls

The impact of design and equipment selection on system efficiency