Poultry & fish


Diploma in Poultry and Fish Farming management

Course contents are as follows

Intensive and alternative poultry farming

Egg-laying chickens – husbandry systems

Free-range, Organic, Yarding, Furnished cage

Meat-producing chickens – husbandry systems

Indoor broilers, Issues with indoor husbandry

Indoor with higher welfare, Free-range broilers

Organic broilers, Issues with poultry farming

Beak trimming, Antibiotics, Arsenic

Growth hormones, Avian influenza, Efficiency

Economic factors, Govt schemes, Farm Visit

Dairy Farming Course

Technical Inputs: Importance of Dairy Farming,

Dairy economics, Breed Selection,

Clean Milk Production, Fodder Management

Milk & Milk Products Processing

Diseases & Treatments, Marketing

Bank Loan / Subsidy Procedures


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