Diploma in Cooking and Catering

Food safety & hygiene

Professional kitchen practices

Knife skills, Mise-en-place

Vegetable preparation

Stocks, soups and sauces

Prepare meat, poultry & fish

Pastry, cakes, biscuits & breads

Farinaceous dishes

Desserts & Patisserie

Vegetarian dishes, Canapes

Modern Cooking Techniques

Plating & Presentation Skills


CIEH Level 2 Food Hygiene

Introduction to the kitchen

Mise en Place, Knife Skills

Soups, Breads, Pastry

Chicken, Scones and Cakes

Flat Fish, Round Fish

Ham, Lamb, Vegetables

Salads, Sauces, Desserts

Pastry, Vegetables, Pasta, Pork

Beef, Duck, Sauces, Desserts

Cooking Course

Fish & Shellfish, Meat & poultry, Salads,

dressings and vegetables, Soups, Stews Roasts &

Yorkshire pudding Pasta, risotto, gnocchi

Indian food

Middle Eastern food

Thai food

Other cuisines, Savoury and sweet, sauces Pastry

puff shortcrust, sweet shortcrust & choux Bread

Sourdough making, Cake making, Biscuits

macaroons, scones, muffins & pancakes.

Gelatine, custards, mousses, Eggs, Ice cream &

sorbet. Chocolate, Knife skills, Preserves and

pickles, Weights & measures Food and wine

pairing, Developing catering planning skills

Recipe sourcing, Budgeting . Sustainable &

seasonal sourcing


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